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Covid 19
Covid 19

Covid Protocols

Your safety and the safety of my family is number one, and I will cut no corners when it comes to infection prevention and control. As a dental professional, we follow the most strict guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Safety Precautions

1. We are paperless, to allow for minimal contact. All forms can be submitted online prior to your appointment

2. Covid-19 pre-screeening forms will be mandatory and to be submitted on the day of your scheduled appointment at minimum 2 HOURS prior to our arrival. 

3. Masks will be worn at all times; except by you (the client) during the procedure.

4 .Before entering your home, I will sanitize my hands and I will ask you to do the same. Before the appointment begins I will wash my hands and also have you wash your hands.

6. I will provide you with an antiseptic mouth rinse at the start of the appointment.

7. Cashless transactions are available but not mandatory. 

8. All of my PPE and treatment tools will be in a disinfected air tight bin. I will use dental grade disinfectant wipes on all equipment after treatment and all soiled PPE and treatment tools will be placed into a separate dirty bin where I will dispose of and/or wash and sanitize at home.


9. It is not mandatory, but if you could please choose your flavours  (of floss, lip balm and lip scrub) and colours of toothbrush in the client consent form prior to treatment; this will allow me to have your kit disinfected, set up and ready to go in my sealed sanitized bin. I will keep all other colours and flavours in a spare bin in a sealed bin should you change your mind at treatment time. Because, hey, it happens! 

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